The findings of innovation research for medical use will be explored, including the innovation process, typical obstacles, and how to overcome them. Lastly, the lecture will delve into methods of protecting intellectual property and generating revenue from innovations, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and designs. The lecture will also address the important question of patent rights versus patient rights.

  1. Where did we came from? Introduction and a brief historic review of medical innovation.
    - What is the ideas of medical innovation and how could researchers benefit from it?
    - Brief historic review through innovations in medical engineering.
    - Current and possible future fields of medical innovation.

  2. Where are we today? Techniques of knowledge management and structuring big data.
    - What sources of information are there (PUBMED, SPRINGERLINK, CORDIS, GEPRI, WIPO i.a.)?
    - How to use different database-systems?
    - Ways of structuring knowledge and literature (Endnote, Citavi).

  3. Where do we want to be? Findings of innovation research for medical use.
    - What is innovation and the difference to discoveries and inventions?
    - Who innovates and how does the innovation process look like?
    - What are typical obstacles to innovations and how to overcome?

  4. What can we do with discoveries? Methods of IP protection and generating rents form innovation.
    - What do patents, utility models, trademarks, copyrights and designs protect?
    - How to apply for a patent? What’s the filing procedure?
    - Research in university – Who is the inventor?
    - Patent rights vs. Patient rights